Staying Smart in School: 7 Uses for Smartphones

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Staying Smart in School: 7 Uses for Smartphones

Gone are the days when teachers strongly discouraged the use of smartphones in class. Today, more and more teachers are welcoming the concept of mobile learning wherein a student can supplement their learning with the help of these handy devices.

Here are some ways in which mobile learning is becoming the norm:

  1. Fact checking

  2. This is the most popular use of a smartphone in a classroom. Finding and verifying facts can now be done in an instant with the use of smartphones. This is great for explaining involved topics or settling class debates.

  3. Photos and videos

  4. Imagine recording a science experiment on your mobile phone to replay it later. Similarly, the camera in your smartphone can be used for quick note-taking as you can snap a picture of what’s on the teacher’s whiteboard.

  5. Testing tool

  6. Designing an online test has become very easy for teachers with the use of Google Docs. Students can take these tests on their smartphones even if they are not in the classroom. There are many other learning apps as well like the ExamTime Mobile App, which can make for effective teacher with real-time insights on students’ understanding.

  7. Dictionary, thesaurus and translator

  8. Taking a foreign language class has never been simpler like with the use of a smartphone. Having access to a dictionary and thesaurus can be a helpful learning tool in any of your Language Arts classes.

    1. Calendar

    2. Now, it’s super easy to keep track of all your lectures, assignments and tests with student apps that allow you to sync your calendar with your teachers.

    3. Carry your books online

    4. You can easily carry your personal library in your smartphone. E-books can be used as reference material while making notes in your classroom or during studying. You can find so many study resources online and search through them effortlessly with your smartphone.

    5. Calculator

    6. If you need a scientific calculator while in Physics class, look no further than your smartphone.

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