Tap into the Secret Power of Active Memory for Better Study

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Tap into the Secret Power of Active Memory for Better Study

Flashcards are a common tool to teach concepts and words to very young children. But contrary to popular opinion, these can be used as a powerful learning resource way beyond early childhood. Adding flashcards can be one of the great study habits that can help you improve your memorization skills and absorb information more easily.

The reason why flashcards are essential to good study habits is that they help develop active memory. This is the secret key to successfully accomplish your academic goals even if you spend considerably less time studying.

What is active memory?

Flashcards are to be incorporated in our studying habits as we feed information to our brain contained on the back of the cards using the tip given on the other side. This is an active process, which puts our memory into high gear, in turn triggering the act of memorization. This is why the use of flashcards makes for excellent study habit tips as they prove to be far more effective than inertly studying or rote learning.

Benefits of active memory

Active memory is a superb storage and retrieval system that amplifies our short-term memory. However, it also pays off in the long term. According to expert speak, the most successful formula for internalizing and retaining information in the long term is the potent combination of active retrieval of knowledge with space repetition.

Ideal study habits for college students include reviewing the flashcards at regular intervals. The flashcards should be studied on a daily, then after a week, month and so on. Using this method, you will start to retain more information, as your active memory will be sharpened.

Improve your active memory and learn better with these great study tips.

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