4 Tips to Reverse Summer Reading Meltdown

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4 Tips to Reverse Summer Reading Meltdown

While summer vacations are halfway over, it’s quite likely that you have put off your summer reading. If you have barely read the cover of your summer learning assignment this is an article for you.

Firstly, you must understand that the English teachers at your school have planned your summer reading module to better prepare you for next year’s English class. You will be ill-advised to try and skim through the book at the last minute.

They ARE meant to be challenging as the books are supposed to up your reading level. Secondly, because you have been vacationing for a couple of months your brain is suffering from some learning loss. These study tips will bring you right up to scratch.

  1. Get started: the sooner, the better

By all means enjoy your summer vacation and take a few weeks off. After that, simply take up reading for an hour every day and take the weekends off. Soon, crank it up to 90 minutes so your summer reading is comfortable for you, but keeps your brain active.

  1. Maintain notes of your reading

Learn to use mind maps; they can help you track your reading progress. Mind maps can be effective tools in remembering all those characters in the story and their connections. You can build one as you read so you are always on the ball about characters, plots and even specific facts.

  1. Beat the loss

Learning loss simply means losing a month or two’s worth of academic knowledge during the summer break. While these are summer reading tips, you must remember that the books you read now will only work to sharpen your mind. Also, they will pave the way for gaining and processing new information during the new semester in fall. So, stay in touch with your reading.

  1. Get a reading buddy

Partner up with a friend and assign yourselves a specific target for say, a week. After a week, meet each other and discuss what you have read to pool in your ideas.

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