How to Bond With Your Roommate

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How to Bond With Your Roommate

Whether you’re in freshmen year at college or a final year student, you are most likely to share space with a roommate. One of the main reasons being that college life is structured in such a manner. You may also be aware of the fact that social relationships are bonds that are cultivated over time and facilitate the development of every human being.

At this stage you wonder, how do I bond with my college roommate? This article provides some practical suggestions to facilitate the bonding process.

Settling in your room

In most cases, you first meet your new roommate in the assigned hostel room. Like it or not, the two of you will be sharing lots of space and time. Bonding starts with a warm reception and introduction to your roommate.

The two of you should make the unpacking and decoration a team affair. During the process, you can learn so much more about your new roommate and a strong bond could be cultivated.

Make plans for the year or semester

You’re back to school, living in the same quarters and sharing resources, why not make general plans for the year or semester together? The plans could cover studies, sports, and personal goals and ambitions. Getting to partner your roommate in all these activities will make your bond stronger. The goal is to always be best buddies and avoid roommate problems.

Undertake a roommate orientation

The college orientation helps you settle in much more quickly. In the same spirit, why not have one with your roommate? The two of you could explore the campus surroundings. Walk top the library and tuition blocks together. Tour the cafeteria and other places that both of you will frequently be visiting during your time on campus. While at it, discover a nearby mall or shopping center.

Attend events together

There are tons of events happening on campus on a weekly basis. Some events are academic, social or co-curricular. It’s always advisable to bring along your roommate to such events, especially in social and sporting events. You are unlikely to suffer from boredom, and with your roommate around you will always someone looking out for you.

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