Calm Those Pre-College Nerves

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Calm Those Pre-College Nerves

It is common for a teenager to get nervous at the thought of joining a college. This can be because of a number of reasons like staying away from family and the fear of academic pressure. These students need to learn the art of stress management so that they focus on studies properly. Here are some effective ways to calm down pre-college nerves.

Talk to other college students

Whenever you are doubtful regarding a new place or task, you should take advice from people who have been in similar situations before. This is true even when you are going to join a college and are nervous about it. College students will warn you about the common problems encountered in the beginning as per their own experiences. They will also suggest ways to avoid the problem and possible solutions as well.

You can also get specific doubts cleared with this method. For instance, if you are worried about hostel fees and expenses, you can get relevant information from current college students.

Put your energy into constructive work

Most of the students who are nervous before joining college start activities like watching TV or playing video games continuously for hours. They not only affect their health negatively by doing so but also waste a lot of precious time.

To calm down your nerves, you should spend time researching about your college. You can go through the college website to get information regarding extra curricular activities offered by the college. You can also check the different student organizations in your college and then develop relevant skills to join those organizations. Another way to utilize this time is by developing a constructive hobby like blogging.

Meet your future friends

You can try getting information regarding other students who have joined the same course from your college. Thereafter, you can meet them to discuss about the college. Another option is joining online communities on different social networking websites. If there is no community for the course and college you are going to join, you can create one.

By interacting with these students, you can eliminate all your doubts. It can also help you make some good friends and this will help you throughout the college life.

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