Best Smartwatches for Kids 2016

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Best Smartwatches for Kids 2016

Today, a smartwatch can be a gaming machine for kids, they can sync their watches with their smartphones to quickly read messages from parents and friends and even create assignment lists.

If you are a parent who is looking to buy your child a stylish and useful birthday gift, here is a list of the best smartwatches for kids.


This smartwatch is said to be the world’s first smart locator and is your go-to if you are parent whose top priority is safety. It comes loaded with GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi to make it simple for you to keep track of your little one. You can set safe zones and receive an alert if your child crosses these zones. This smartwatch is your best bet because it combines the features of an Apple Watch with the tough built of a children’s toy.

The FiLIP can make and receive voice calls to up to five contacts and send one-way SMSs. It also comes equipped with a red button that triggers the ‘Intelligent Emergency’ feature. When your child presses the button, the watch will call you (the parent). If you don’t answer or the call does not go through, it will start calling all the emergency contacts till someone answers. Also, this red button activates tracking with immediate effect.

Caref GPS Tracking Watch

The Caref GPS Tracking Watch is water-resistant and shockproof.

This is another great buy if you want kids smartwatches 2016 and are unable to get a FiLIP. The sole shortcoming with the Caref GPS Tracking Watch is that it is exclusive to US users as you will need to subscribe to Caref’s data plans in order to use the text and voice functionalities.

You can sync this smartwatch with an iPhone or Android smartphone. As with the FiLIP, you can set up contacts that your child can reach out to in case of emergencies. The wearer can send and receive calls, and there is a panic button, which sends an SMS to the priority contact when pushed. Safe GPS zones can mark a safety boundary and you will receive an alert in the form of an SMS if your child strays beyond it. Additionally, it records your child’s location history every 10 minutes.

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